Add a financial smile to your business.

Get to know more about Biashara Loans from Diversity Microcredit LTD.


Biashara Loans target financing businesses’ short-term and long-term financial needs such as working capital, asset acquisition and business expansion. Targets Individuals, SMEs and Corporates.

Target Market 

We target Small and Medium enterprises operating in: – Transport, Trade and Commerce, Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Health & other services sector.

Value Range 

Minimum kes100,000 Maximum based on client ability to pay.


Product Features 

Secured by a combination of any acceptable tangible securities such as title deeds, log books, listed shares, cash cover etc.

Credit Conditions 

  • 6 months Bank Statement or MPesa Statement.
  • Provide documentary evidence of at least three year experience in the line of business.
  • Good credit history. 
  • For limited companies Specific debenture over the asset being purchased.


Eligibility Items 

  • KYC documents i.e. directors ID and PIN, Company PIN, MEMART (Memorandum of Understanding & Articles of Association) and Certificate of Registration. 
  • Business records. 
  • Copy of security.
  • Dully completed loan application.
  • Current Valuation Report from DMCL authorized valuers is required for used motor vehicles. 

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